The millennial accountants

About Us

Established in Adelaide, AWF Consulting are bringing new energy to the accounting industry and challenging the relevance of traditional accounting firms.
The AWF Difference

Modern Solutions

We embrace the latest in cloud-based software and are on the cutting edge of technology for the purpose of providing the best solutions to our clients.

By our nature, we as humans are constantly seeking ways to make things easier and more efficient. We have achieved this in a business sense by being a fully integrated firm offering all possible services.

Our Story

Our Background

A bit of background into the creation of AWF Consulting as described by the founder, Anthony…

Whilst growing up I had a mindset different to my childhood friends, when going to the local cafe for breakfast with my family I would run through in my head what made the business owner decide to start up the cafe? how much money were they making from it?

As I grew older this desire to understand business developed into what the margins were on the $18 big breaky? how many of them do they sell in a day? how much profit does this generate? Perhaps being involved with my father’s construction business sculpted my mindset, however I knew by the time I reached the end of highschool that I wanted to one day be a business owner.

Fast Forward

Fast track 10 years and my intrigue with small businesses has developed into a specific set of skills through my Accounting Degree, Chartered Accountants certificate and experience at a large international accounting firm.

Whereby now my team and I provide these cafe’s, retail stores, doctors, construction businesses, gyms and individuals with expert advice and assistance with all matters from advisory, taxation & bookkeeping. The team at AWF Consulting achieves this by utilising the most advanced accounting technology which is able to create efficiencies, reduce costs and maximise profits.