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The millennial accountants


As your partner in business we look over your financial reports and help you to understand and address risks and challenges. We know how to make the most of opportunities that present themselves.

Advisory Services

Business Restructure

We work with you and provide technical advice around the right structure for your business to minimise tax and protect your assets.  

Business Growth

We can help you with strategies to increase sales and profit margins. Help to structure your operations for maximum potential and ensure you have the right foundations.


We have the knowledge and experience to help you set key performance indicators for your employees to manage staff, structure payments and reward successes.


Gain access to our network of clients to create synergies between your business and theirs. We also have relationships with finance brokers, marketing agencies, insurance brokers and lawyers that you can call upon.

Advisory Services


Receive reports that provide information on how your business compares to others in the same industry. Identify if there’s a gap that can be improved and understand your competitors and industry better.


We provide reports to help you understand the movement of cash in your business and when cash is available. Use this information to plan for taxes, purchases of new vehicles or upgrades to business premises.


Set financial targets and measure future performance to meet your goals.


AWF Consulting will liaise with banks and finance brokers on your behalf to obtain finance for personal, business and home loans.

Our Valued Client

Ryan from Liddell Adisory

I couldn’t be more pleased with the services provided by AWF Consulting. Their expertise and attention to detail have helped me navigate complex financial matters with ease. From tax planning to bookkeeping, their guidance has been invaluable in keeping my business on track. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking a skilled and reliable accountant.

Our Valued Client

Matt from Sugar

AWF are a friendly, professional team that have always provided the very best of service and advice for all of my financial needs. Anthony and his team have always gone above and beyond to ensure that my financial affairs are well looked after.